Furnishing offices of Verso

We furnished the new offices of the company, Mrežne tehnologije Verso d.o.o., in Zagreb, with a combination of furniture produced by us and by our partners.  Operational spaces were equipped with work islands from the TREND METAL line, with acrylic dividers between desks in grey and white and work tables from the ELEGANCE OPERATIV.  Conference rooms were also form the TREND METAL line, which allows various sizes of tables according to the needs of the customer.  Cabinets were from the ZELIG line, from our partner, BABINI OFFICE, with combined oak and white colors.  Bookcases and drawers were from our EURO and TEMPUS lines, while seating furniture was from our partner, KASTEL, from Italy.  In this way the new offices of the company, Verso, were equipped in a modern and functional fashion ready for comfort and successful work…

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